Configuration settings reference

Each configuration has its own set of configuration settings which are applied on each node of the test project. You can change these settings in the Configuration Settings dialog box.

The Configuration Settings provides access to the following settings families:

The actual settings available for each node depend on the type of node and the language of the selected Configuration.

General Settings


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Configuring the compiler and linker options

Build Settings

General project settings

General Settings

Adding a user-specified command line to the project

External Command Settings

Controlling System Testing Probes

Probe Control Settings

Checking compliance to coding guidelines

Code review settings


Runtime Analysis

The Runtime Analysis setting family covers Configuration Settings for Memory Profiling, Performance Profiling, Code Coverage and Runtime Tracing.


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Setting up instrumentation and file storage locations

General Runtime Analysis Settings

Configuring Memory Profiling error and warning detection

Memory Profiling Settings

Specifying a trace file name for Performance Profiling

Performance Profiling Settings

Setting coverage levels and instrumentation options for Code Coverage

Code Coverage Settings

Configuring sequence diagram output

Runtime Tracing Control Settings


Automated Testing Settings

This setting family covers Configuration Settings for Component Testing and System Testing features.


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Setting up C and Ada test execution

Component Testing for C and Ada Settings

Setting up C++ test execution

Component Testing for C++ Settings

Setting up system test execution

System Testing Settings


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