Project preferences

The Project Preferences dialog box lets you set parameters for the OneTest Embedded project.

The Project preferences contain a main page and two additional pages:

In the Preferences dialog box, select Project to change the project preferences.

Note   If the structure of a source files has changed since the last file refresh, metrics calculation cannot be performed. This impacts the Component Testing Wizard, where the Unit Selection view will be disabled.

The Project Preferences contains two additional pages:

Source File Types

Use this page to specify any new file types that you want to use in OneTest Embedded  projects.

Click the New button to add a new line. In the extension column, enter the file extension in wildcard format, for example: *.asm. In the Description column, enter a description for the file type, for example: Assembler source files.

TDP Directories

If you have used the TDP Editor to generate Target Deployment Ports (TDPs) in locations other than the default target directory, use this page to specify a list of directories where OneTest Embedded will search for TDPs. Directories are searched in the order defined in this list.

Select to Use default Target Deployment Port directory to use the default targets directory only, which is located in the OneTest Embedded installation directory.

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