How to customize a naming script file

In Studio, you can edit and customize a naming script file to check your own naming rules (code custom naming rules U99.1). You then have to enable the code review before launching a build.

To edit a Naming script file:

  1. From the Settings view, select the project node.
    Project node selected
  2. Right-click and select Settings.
    Selecting Settings menu
  3. In the window that opens, select Code Review, click Naming script file in the Name column, and select the sample file that you installed, an example “”.Select
    Selecting the sample file
  4. Edit the file, or a copy of the file to update it.

To enable code review in your project :

  • Click on Settings. In the Configuration manager, select Build > Build options. Then click on the build option line, and select code review.
    Build option

Then you can run the build.

Executing the code review from a script

You can execute the build from Studio GUI or for advanced users, from the command line interface.

Note: The following procedure is for advanced-users.
  • When crccc has been used, use crcld as follows:
    crcld -xref="<model_file>.pl" "<crccc_result_file>.xob" -RULE="<confrule file>.xml" -TEST
  • <model_file>.pl file will be generated, it contains data needed to perform custom namecheck rule.
  • A file named <model_file>.R99.1.xob will be generated, it will be used on a final step when executing crcld.
  • Use this xob file for the next call of crcld:
    crcld -crc="<crc_file_name>.crc" "<all other xob file name>.xob" "<model_file>.R99.1.xob" -RULE="<confrule_file>.xml" -TEST