Adaptation Layer

System Testing for C

The adaptation Layer helps you describe communication between the Virtual Tester and the system under test.

Many different means of communication allow your systems to talk with each other. At the software application level, a communication type is identified by a set of services provided by specific functions.

For example, a UNIX system provides several means of communication between processes, such as named pipes, message queues, BSD sockets, or streams. You address each communication type with a specific function.

Furthermore, each communication type has its own data type to identify the application you are sending messages to. This type is often an integer (message queues, BSD sockets, ...), but sometimes a structure type.

Data exchanged this way must be interpreted by all communicating applications. For this reason, each type of exchanged data must be well identified and well known. By providing the type of exchanged data to the Virtual Tester, it will be able to automatically print and check the incoming messages.