Importing a OneTest Embedded project into Rational Quality Manager

IBM Rational Quality Manager integration

Rational Quality Manager uses the term test script to describe it's basic test assets. The OneTest Embedded adapter for Rational Quality Manager enables you to import OneTest Embedded projects as Rational Quality Manager test scripts.

When you select the OneTest Embedded adapter, the OneTest Embedded project will be run the default Target Deployment Port selected in the project.

To import a OneTest Embedded project into Rational Quality Manager:

  1. Log in to Rational Quality Manager, click Construction > Import test script.

  2. In Script type, select OneTest Embedded.

  3. Select Use test resources that are local to a test machine and click Select Adapter.

  4. Select the OneTest Embedded adapter that you want to use.

  5. In Project Path, specify the directory where the OneTest Embedded .rtp project file is located, and select Go. The adapter will parse all the subdirectories under the selected directory.

  6. Select one or several .rtp project files, click OK and Import.

Once the test scripts are imported, construct a new test case with the OneTest Embedded test scripts. After execution, click Close and show results. You can click the links in the Result Details section to view the HTML reports.

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