System Testing Supervisor Script Language.


The HOST instruction assigns a logical machine name to a target machine.


HOST <logical_name> IS <address> [ (<port_number>) ]

<logical_name> is the identifier of the target machine.

<address> is the network address of the target machine

<port_number> is the network port to which the target machine's Agent is assigned.


Executing a HOST instruction opens a connection with an agent on the target machine.

Logical machine names are used in CHDIR, COPY, DO, DELETE, EXECUTE, MKDIR, RMDIR, SET, TRACE and UNSET instructions to refer to target machines.

The host <address> may be:

  1. a hostname (for example:,

    an alias (for example: workstation),

    or an IP address (for example:

The TCP/IP port number is optional. It helps specify the port used by the target machine's agent that listens for connection demands. By default, the port used by the supervisor is the one specified by the ATS_PORT environment variable, or 10000.

A logical machine name must be unique within the supervision script. If the System Testing Supervisor machine cannot connect to the agent, the supervisor produces an error message and terminates, regardless of any ERROR statement.


HOST machine_1 IS localhost

HOST machine_2 IS


COPY local_file machine_2:remote_file

DO machine_1:program