IF ... ELSE ... END IF

C Test Script Language


IF <condition> { , <condition> }




The IF, ELSE and END IF statements allow conditional generation of the test program.

These statements enclose portions of script that are included depending on the presence of one of the conditions in the list provided to the C Test Script Compiler by the -define option.

The <condition> list forms a series of conditions that is equivalent to using an expression of logical ORs.

The IF instruction starts the conditional generation block.

The END IF instruction terminates this block.

The ELSE instruction separates the condition block into 2 parts, one being included when the other is not.

Associated Rules

<condition> is any identifier. You must have at least one condition in an IF instruction.

This block can contain any scripting or native language.

IF and END IF instructions must appear simultaneously.

The ELSE instruction is optional.

The generating rules are as follows:

The IF...ELSE...END IF block is equivalent to the following block in C:

#if defined(<condition>) { || defined(<condition>) } ...






IF test_on_target

 VAR register, init == , ev = 0


 VAR register, init = 0 , ev = 0