Defining a synchronized expected value

When a multiple initialization value is defined, you can specify a synchronized set of expected values. The test checks that for each initialization value element in the multiple set, the obtained result matches the corresponding element in the synchronized expected value set.


To create a multiple value set.

  1. In the test editor, select a Check block to edit the variable checks.
  2. In the Expected Value column of one variable, click the menu button (Menu button) and select Synchronized.
  3. In the Multiple Initialization Expression window, specify the number of values in the set, and click OK. The quick edition area switches to multiple edition mode.
    Multiple values edition area
  4. In the quick edition area, type an expected value for each element in the set. The number of synchronized expected values matches the number of multiple initialization values.
    • Press TAB to move to the next value in the set.
    • Click the Previous Previous button and Next Next button buttons to scroll through the elements of the set.
    • You can increase and decrease the number of elements in the set.
    • Click the ... button to open the advanced editor window
  5. Press ENTER or click Apply changes button to apply the changes.