Adding data sets to the data dictionary

Data sets are user-defined values that can be used as initial values or expected values in variable checks.

About this task

Data sets in the data dictionary can be linked to variables or structures in the test case editor. Once a data set is created, it can be linked to a variable or structure. When you update the data set of a variable check that is linked to the data dictionary, all other variable checks linked to the same data set are updated.


To add and edit data sets:

  1. In the variable check table of the test case editor, select a variable or a structure and specify its initial value and expected value. For a structure, specify the initial values and expected values of its components.
  2. Right-click the variable or structure and select Add Initial Expression to Dictionary or Add Expected Expression to Dictionary. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the variable or structure into the Data Dictionary view. You can also choose to only add the initial value or the expected value.
  3. Type a name for the data set and click OK. By default, the name of the variable or structure is used.
  4. The variable or structure is listed in the Data Dictionary view and the value that is linked to a data set is highlighted in green in the test case editor.
    • To dissociate a highlighted value in the test case editor from its data set in the data dictionary, right-click the value and select Remove Link from Data Dictionary.
    • To associate a data set to an existing variable of the corresponding type, drag and drop the data set from the data dictionary on to the variable check in the test case editor.
    • To delete a data set, right-click the data set in the data dictionary and select Delete. All variable checks that are linked to the data set retain the last values, but the links are removed.