Release notes for HCL OneTest Embedded

This document contains information about new features and enhancements for HCL OneTest™ Embedded and links to useful information about the products.


HCL OneTest Embedded is a complete test and runtime analysis tool set for systems development created in any cross-development environment. HCL OneTest Embedded provides tools for automated component testing, code coverage, memory leak detection, performance profiling, and UML sequence diagram tracing.

New features and enhancements

  • Control Coupling for C language:
    • Control Coupling is defined as 'the manner or degree by which one software component influences the execution of another software component' in the 'Clarification of Structural Coverage Analysis of Data Coupling and Control Coupling' document edited by the Certification Authorities Software Team (CAST). See The purpose is to 'provide a measurement and assurance of the correctness of these modules/components' interactions and dependencies.'
    • HCL OneTest Embedded introduces a new coverage level call 'control coupling' for C language that consists of verifying that all the interactions between modules have been covered by at least one test. Here is how HCL OneTest Embedded is doing this new coverage level:
      • Modules for C language and compilation units (i.e. C files that are independently compiled).
      • Interactions are calls between 2 functions that are in 2 different compilation units.
      • A Control Coupling is not a simple interaction. It is a control flow in the calling module that ends with an interaction with another module.
    • For Control Coupling, HCL OneTest Embedded provides a brand new interactive HTML-based report.
  • Worst Stack Size for C language:
    • HCL OneTest Embedded introduces this new feature that computes an estimation of the maximum stack size by computing dynamically the stack size of each function and by using static analysis to build the call graph of the application and estimate the worst stack size.
    • HCL OneTest Embedded provides a brand-new interactive HTML-based report for the Worst Stack Size.
  • Code Review MISRA 2004 update:
    • HCL OneTest Embedded MISRA 2004 now covers 114 rules (+12), including 99 required rules (+8) and 15 advisory rules (+4).
    • HCL OneTest Embedded includes also 15 custom rules that are not part of MISRA but that can offer a good complement to MISRA 2004:
      • Functions should have less than '100' lines.
      • Functions should have less than '15' V(g) complexity.
      • Identifiers should not be ambiguous because of possible character confusion.
      • Identifiers should not be ambiguous because of possible character repetition.
      • Use the const qualification for pointer variable if not used to change the pointed object.
      • Global variables should be initialized.
      • Avoid implicit bitwise operator precedence in expressions.
      • Expressions that are effectively Boolean should not be used as operands to operators other than (&&, || and !).
      • Ternary expressions '?:' should not be used.
      • Expressions should not cause a side effect assignment.
      • Boolean expressions should not contain side effect operators.
      • The return keyword should not be used in a conditional block.
      • The else keyword should be followed by a compound statement.
      • A constant should not be used as a switch expression.
      • All functions should be referenced
    • HCL OneTest Embedded MISRA 2004 now includes a Qualification Kit.
  • Qualification Kit:
    • New Qualification Kit for Unit test C and Ada, Coverage C and Ada (HTML reports with improvement in differences between references and obtained results).
    • The Qualification Kit now integrates Control Coupling for C language.
    • The Qualification Kit now supports MISRA 2004.
  • HCL OneTest Embedded for Eclipse IDE improvements:
    • HCL OneTest Embedded for Eclipse IDE now supports assembler files in the build process.
    • HCL OneTest Embedded for Eclipse IDE allows to execute PTU files in the build process.
  • HCL OneTest Embedded supports UTF-16 C/C++ files.
  • A new TDP for Microsoft Visual C/C++ 2017 is now included in HCL OneTest Embedded.
  • HCL OneTest Embedded Unit Test for C language improvement: the variables with type enum in C language are displayed in the report with their literal value.
  • List of the platforms supported by HCL OneTest Embedded
    • Windows 7 Pro (64 bits),
    • Windows 10 (64 bits),
    • Windows Server 2016 (64bits),
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 (64 bits),
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 (64 bits),
    • SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 (64 bits),
    • SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 15 (64 bits),
    • Ubuntu 16 (64 bits),
    • Ubuntu 18 (64 bits).

System requirements

For information about hardware and software compatibility for HCL OneTest Embedded, see the PDF document on HCL License & Delivery Portal where the product bits are hosted.

Installing the product

You cannot upgrade HCL OneTest Embedded from an earlier version of the product to version 8.1. If you have an earlier version of the product, you must uninstall it before installing version 8.1.

To install the product, see the Installing section in the navigation. You will find additional information in the release note that is delivered with the product, especially details about supported platforms and integrations.

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