Pre-installation checklist

Before you install your product, review the following information and ensure that the preinstallation steps are completed as required.

About this task

To help ensure a smooth installation process, complete these tasks before starting the installation tasks.


  1. For HCL OneTest™ Embedded Studio support, you must first install Exuberant Ctags. See Installing Exuberant Ctags for more information.
  2. Ensure that your existing compilers and development environments are installed and run properly. In particular, if you are using Microsoft Visual Studio, install and run it at least once before installing HCL OneTest Embedded. See Support for Microsoft Visual Studio for more information.
  3. For UNIX: If you want the product to be used by users other than root, then set the umask variable to 0022 before you install the product. To set this variable, log in as root user, start a terminal session, and type umask 0022.