Instrumenting and Compiling the Source Code

Command Line Interface

The runtime analysis tools (Memory Profiling, Performance Profiling, Code Coverage and Runtime Tracing) as well as Component Testing for C++ Contract Check all use SCI instrumentation technology to insert analysis and SCI dump routines into your source code.


Before compiling an SCI-instrumented source file, you must make sure that:

There are two alternatives to instrument and compile your source code:

Instrumentation Launcher

The Instrumentation Launcher replaces your actual compiler command in your makefiles. This launcher transparently takes care of source code preprocessing, instrumentation and compiling.

See the reference section:

Instrumentation and Compilation

Alternatively, you can use the actual Instrumentor command line tools to instrument the source files.

See the reference section:

If you are compiling on a different target, you must copy the TDP /lib directory over to that target.

Add to the include search path the /lib sub-directory that you have copied onto the target. In C and C++, use the -I compiler option.

After this, simply compile the instrumented source file with your compiler.